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For us as human beings, the most important question to be answered is: Who am I? Behind this we often find others like: Why do I live? What happens when I die? Where more precisely is my consciousness located?

Which truths are verifiable about different ideas of how human consciousness operates and the origin of it? I have a goal myself to raise my level of consciousness and become as wise as I can in this life. Accordingly, I read a lot of books trying to shed light on these issues. In conversations with clients, I have understood that there are more people than me who read, follow online courses from other parts of the world and often think about these things. They would like to penetrate how modern theories of quantum physics is related to the spirituality of the traditions of ancient mystics and shamans from different traditions. And so would I. Would you?
My first attempt to address this need, is the launch of a number of three-month book circles in Swedish on Zoom in 2021. If the attempt is turning out exciting and there is a wish to start similar book circles in English, I will consider that further on.

We will read three books on a theme and discuss them one at a time every four weeks. The books will span a wide range from more fictional experiences to research-based literature.

Topics in progress are:
- The First: Said about life between life and higher wisdom.
- The Second: Said about the art of living in harmony with oneself.
- The Third: Said about the old mystics and their view of living a meaningful life.

What these subjects have in common is that they intend to be exciting for the readers and open up for broad conversations. We will study literature concerning different cultures and religions from the spiritual and consciousness perspectives. All believers and more doubtful fellows are welcome to contribute to the conversations. Maybe we have in common that we keep on looking for something more in life than the most tangible.

The layout of the Book Circles on Zoom

The first time we meet, I will briefly present the circle and the three books we will read over the next three months and where you can get them.

On the following three occasions, we discuss one book at a time - together and possibly in small groups - depending on the size of the group.

At the last occasion, there will be some extra time for reflection on the whole theme. You reserve your spot for the entire circle but decide for yourself if you want to join and read all three books.
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