The goal of my private sittings is for you to get in contact with someone on the other side who you recognize and who can leave a meaningful message to you.

The basis of traditional mediumship is to obtain evidence of the survival of our souls. This is done through private sittings, where the medium mediates contact between deceased loved ones and the client.

I have only recently started my training as a medium and will begin in the autumn of 2021 the third and final year of an education with the goal of becoming better at this part of the mediumship and being able to certify myself as a medium. During the academic year 2021/22, I still train this technology and receive clients in Swedish as time allows and at a very reduced price.

You and I then meet at Zoom during one hour and I train to get in contact with a soul from the other side, to describe this person so that you can recognize him or her. After that I leave you a message from this person.
If I do not get the first one recognized, I try a few more times. If I do not get someone recognized after three attempts, you do not have to pay for the session.
Maximize your conciousness and
create a life in abundance!

Mobilephone:+46 /70)299 33 31