Meditation Events

Give yourself a break in life and train regularly to grasp your inner voice and your own wisdom. The Akashainspiratören guides you on your inner journeys.

Meditations have a lot of benefits and opportunities and can look quite different. Modern research shows that a very short daily meditation helps your brain to erase irrelevant fears gathered over time. Other studies show that meditation also is good for human heart and that there is a connection between meditation and reduced levels of stress. For those who have never meditated, it can be difficult to get started and release the necessary time for it. However, if you manage to dedicate a moment every day and you find a way that you really enjoy, meditation practice is the straightest way to grasp your inner voice.
When I ended up in a life crisis a few years ago, I had never meditated. I thought it was difficult to find the peace and focus in the beginning. But the power I have gained over time has been crucial to my own awareness raising. When I suddenly understood how to do it, it was actually not that difficult to grasp my inner guidance. A key for me has been to vary my meditations. I have listened to many different guided meditations but sometimes only to birdsong or plain music. At times I have also meditated in complete silence. Someone else might prefer to use the same practice every day.
I want to help my clients to find their unique way of grasping that inner voice that makes you feel less lonely and scared, and relaxed and more peaceful in life.
I offer both guided group meditations on Zoom and recorded meditations, all of them are in Swedish though to start with.

Would you be interested to join group meditations in English or have your personal meditation recorded, please let me know!
Maximize your conciousness and
create a life in abundance!

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