Healing is a powerful instrument for dissolving energy blocks in body and mind and at the same time it gives you a peaceful and necessary relaxation.

Anxiety and stress settle in our physical bodies and in our energy bodies when we are subject to such problems over time. Attending a healing session is an effective way to dissolve blocks in our energy systems and achieve a more even energy flow in all aspects of our beings. Therfore, it enables healing of various kinds. Emotional blocks can dissolve and you usually feel released and more content with life afterwards.

When healing energies is transferred to a person, other parts of the brain is activated than those used during meditation, according to studies conducted by Lynne McTaggert in collaboration with researchers at prestigious universities in the US.
Healing is about opening up a channel for love-filled energies and targeting them to a specific recipient. I myself became very fascinated by healing when I read Eric Pearl's book Awaken Your Inner Healer and went through a few sessions of Reconnective Healing and also a full Reconnection as a final.

Since then, I have taken several healing courses based on Spiritual Healing and more recently also trans healing. I have experienced that the technique I use work equally well on distance as in real life. During the pandemic, I therefore predominantly offer distance healing sessions to my clients.

The Energies go where they are most needed

The healing energies go to the place in your body or mind where they are needed the most. Therefore, you cannot always find the result where you first expected it to take place, although a treat there is usually taking place. Sometimes the healing dissolves blocks in the energy system, which you were not aware of before the session. You can feel emotionally moved as a result.

Please, contact me using the below form, if you would like to book a session.We will make an appointment which suits you. I contact you before the session starts to give you some instructions. Then I transfer the healing energies for half an hour.
I follow up each session by an email in order to deliver any message that I might have for you and to listen to your experiences. If you think that you would need a follow-up session, we plan for that.

In 2021, you can book a free trans-healing session and function as a test client in preparation for my diploma in the autumn of 2021. These sessions also take place for the time being at a distance. Trans-healing is a stronger form of healing than spiritual healing, where I channel the energies more directly. This makes physical and mental energy stagnation dissolve more easily.
Healing is to be considered as a complement to medical treatment. Therefore, please, always talk to your doctor before making any changes to any medication as a result of the healing session.

I do not mediate healing for patients who needs assistance with cancer, diabetes or to pregnant women.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water during and after your healing session and give yourself time to rest.

Spiritual healing at distance (30 min)

I act as a channel and transfer spiritual healing energies finding their way to the place  you need them the most. At times, I sense imbalances in your body and can provide you with information about that after the session.

This is how it works

  • Reserve your session by contacting me by the contact form below or email me at ulrika@akashainspiratoren.se or at telephone +46 (70) 299 33 31. We reserve 45 minutes for a healing session of 30 minutes in order to enable initial instructions. I can usually reserve an appointment within the next 48 hours.
  • I will send you an email just before the session with a short introduction, that you confirm.
  • Feel free to sit or lie down comfortably and welcome the energies. But you can also do what you normally would do. The important thing is that you are positive about receiving the energies. I transfer the healing energies to you for about 30 minutes. You may experience heat, cold or tingling in your body during the session. You may also feel strong emotions when blocks dissolve. All this is normal.
  • I will email you afterwards and check how you are feeling and let you know of any information I have received.
  • You pay for the session in the shop.
You do not have to concentrate on the healing during the session itself, although it can always be pleasant to allow yourself time to sit or lie down comfortably for a while and dedicate to yourself for a while.
SEK 700 (USD, EUR, NOK and DKK can be received.)


Be healed and stabalize your imbalances. Akashainspiratören transmit healing energies on distance, resolving energy blocks physically, psychologically and spiritually.

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