Forest Bathing Walks

Welcome for a walk in the forest and take it in by watching, listening, sensing and smelling.

A forest bath walk is a slow walk in nature, where the participant is guided to take in nature with their senses, one at a time. Forest bath walking is a very de-stressing and unpretentious nature experience that makes you let go of everyday challenges and feel mindful and focused. Forest baths have nothing to do with water. We bathe our senses in the impressions we encounter in nature.

Forest bath walkings is a special form of nature experience that originated in Japan in the 1980s in connection with a major wave of mental illness. People stressed more than ever and many became ill and some even died. This led to a national awakening and a health reform. Special health parks were set up around the country, where guides led people to take in nature with all their senses based on a new method. It was called Shinrin-yoku of Forest bathing, which is a direct translation from Japanese and alludes to "bathing your senses" in all the impressions of the forest.
A traditional forest bath takes about three hours, so that you have time slow down and connect to nature according to the sensory guiding method specially developed by psychologists. A lot of research has been done on this form of nature experience, and today there is evidence that forest bathing reduces both anxiety and stress, leads to a strengthened immune system and better cognitive abilities. And you often feel very relaxed and well after a forest bath walk.
I offer traditional forest bath walks that follow the international standard and the guidelines of Swedish Nature and Forestry Therapy Institute. I guide individuals and groups in Swedish.

I have also developed an alternative forest bath that ends with a spiritually inspired guided meditation. It also takes up to three hours.
For those who need relaxation in the middle of the working day, I have developed a shorter lunch forest bath walk with the most important ingredients. This forest bath walk takes just over an hour. Anyone who wants to bring lunch is welcome to stay for a while and eat their lunch bag with the group.
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