Climate: have they all gone crazy?! Stop worry about it! Act upon your intuition and raise the energies

Climate: have they all gone crazy?! Stop worry about it! Act upon your intuition and raise the energies

Climate: have they all gone crazy?! Stop worry about it! Act upon your intuition and raise the energies

Climate: have they all gone crazy?! Stop worry about it! Act upon your intuition and raise the energies

Do you belong the growing number of people, who while looking upon the world news shake their heads in despair and think: Have all the decision makers gone CRAZY? Or paralyzed? Please, do not turn the daily paper up-side down and shut down your social media and take your car to the closest McDonald and order a burger before having read this! Or buy an air ticket to the Bahamas…

Having been attacked by the latest news about the first part of the UN IPPC report on World Climate Change and its relationship with mankind behavior, I have to admit that little unknown is revealed to me about the crisis the world is heading at. I have been working with large Swedish development and environmental organizations for ages. Over the years, I have cut down considerably on my meat consumption, I have signed up for a green electricity deliverer, I have engaged in anti-consumption campaigning and I stopped bying a number of unnecessary things produced in China for transport reasons. Neither have I used air transportation for a couple of years now. I have actively supported campaigns targeting deforestation and supporting biodiversity projects and human rights initiatives. Am I okay?

Still I take the car every now and then and a hot bath frequently. And, and, and...

I want to scream: “Please, I am not ready for this…!” Because, I realize that there is so much yet to be done, before I have compensated for my personal environmental footprint on this planet.

People are drowning in huge water masses and forced to leave their homes while the woods are burning around their villages. And we are living in 2021. How CRAZY could things get? And who is supposed to act? Someone else, perhaps?

My ego gives me the immediate sensation: “It is not worth getting upset anymore. What you have not managed to tackle during your first half decade of life, will never come to a solution, no matter how upset you get.” It says: ”You are just a very small human being on a large chaotic planet crowded by people who put their own well-being before everything.”

But, luckily enough, I soon realize that this is not the problem but the solution of the giant challenges we face as a human population on planet Earth. We are all very small human beings on a fairly large planet crowded by people who dream of nothing but well-being. We could live this common dream together – in practice and energetically. But without common dreaming and acting – no change.

We all know that every small human being has an individual soul who possesses power to large-scale change. Yes, we are responsible for our actions – as well as for our lack of action. Some of us can do more and other a little bit less. But all of us can do SOMETHING. What could you and I do? Here is a suggestion: What about asking ourselves each week which the 5 most important contributions we have made for the reduction of the climate change. After a week, you could take some notes on that but also keep asking yourself which the 2 most important changes you would like to make in your behavior to further contribute to improved conditions for the human civilization during the up-coming week? In this way you could keep a record of which concrete contributions you make and feel proud of yourself. What do you think?

The first week you might come up with some recycling of garbage that could probably not justify your burger or holiday trip to London, but maybe after a while you feel encouraged to take larger steps, for example to contact a politician and ask her to sign up for an engaged national forest policy or increased taxes on clothes and decreased taxes on vegetarian food.

I guarantee it will take us somewhere. Because, when you really act upon your frustration you do not only feel free and balanced inside, but you also get more flow and contribute to a collective rise of energy in your area and gradually on the planet.

Some of us might also be ready for a collective energy work with others? I have participated in some collective intention setting work together with a whole bunch of people for “good” causes. These experiments have been arranged by the well-known science journalist and author of the best-seller, “The Field”, Lynne McTaggart. For example, we intended for a peaceful transition of power at Capitol Hill before the American president installation in January with participation of all kinds of political views in the group and later on this year for a stable ceasefire in Jerusalem. Results of Lynne’s experiments have been seen not only on peace processes but also on geological level, electromagnetic fields have been less intensive. Lynne declares that there is scientific evidence for that our neurological system affects the atmosphere when we use our para-sympatic nervous system in certain ways. You can read more about Lynne’s experimental work here:

I would like to suggest an intention experiment for an increased number of prompt national political actions to reduce the global level of carbon dioxide emissions. In this country it could more concretely concern the inclusion of consumption-based emissions in all national plans from next year for example. (Do you know that what you order from China on-line is not included in this budget? Who do we fool but ourselves?)

Another important issue is to stop the deforestation caused by a growing market for biofuel. Perhaps another intention on that? A large behavioral change is urgent, and someone has to fuel it (and not the fossiles).

When you set such an intention in a digital group meeting, you meet for approximately 30 minutes on Zoom and send the intention for ten minutes. It works like a prayer – you transfer a defined thought and place it with your hart and send it. But it is, of course, not defined by any religion or political view. The intention is just to get together and express a common wish of which the civilization as such could be benefitted. Maybe we feel a little bit stronger when we do not only share the problems but also the common solution. It would be worth trying – would it not?

Let us skip the burgers. Let us instead take a step together for an active change now. Embrace your competent self and look for more strategies you can adopt. Because you and our grandchildren are worth it! Conscious people need to lead this march and do it quickly. And who could be more useful than a powerful energy being like you?

I think I will start planning for a group intention on Zoom. Would you join me?

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