Inspired by modern consciousness research and psychosynthesis, where different levels of human consciousness are considered interrelated providing each individual with a unique inherent power, I offer a wide range of development tools; such as soul readings with coaching, forest bathing walks, study circles on spiritual and consciousness related themes, meditations, healing and private sittings.

Until a few years ago, I was working as a human rights specialist engaged in global sustainability issues employed within the Swedish development cooperation. I traveled the world and served people with the view of saving our planet. It was an inspiring but energy-intensive way to deal with development. Now, I have reached the conclusion that human beings have access to most capacities at an energy level. When using our conscious mind strategically, we possess abilities to improve our personal situation and relations that reaches far beyond what I previously had imagined. There is present research in this field but I am certain that there is more to come.

Presently, mankind faces many challenges - individual and collective. We live stressful lives full of competition limiting ourselves in various ways based on a belief that there is a need to live our lives at the expense of others. Much of this has to do with how we consider human consciousness and its functions. According to my experiences, this is not an inevitable truth, that we all need to align with. On the contrary, there are always positive choices we can make preparing us for an improved life.
When trying to cope with all requirements of modern society, I stretched my body until it limits and got ill. I had to set everything but my health aside for a while and then discovered for me previously unknown dimensions of my consciousness. I opened up and could suddenly communicate with a higher consciousness and get access to information on soul level. By activating a new mindset and acting on this, I began to attract a flow of positive energies and I could also use the power to help others. Step by step I felt better and better. I felt more abundance in every possible way. How could I have missed all this? The answer is that I had never considered myself having the time to listen. Gradually, I was gaining the insight that I could have influence on my life and relations by exploring and using new energy patterns.

My first step was to mentally try to grasp what was happening to me. I started studying literature, signing up for different trainings and consuming pods at a fast pace. Some of all this, I could understand with the help of authors and researchers combining research on modern quantum physics with spiritual ancient knowledge. Read more on my page Philosophy! However, much I have learned by practicing and from my own experiences.


My Offer to You who want to Engage in Energy Work

I provide methods helping you to open-up and listen to your inner voice (meditations and forest bathing walks) but also methods for your personal development and transformation.

A very transformative method is Soul Realignment, my detailed soul readings, which give you a broad overview of how your soul energies work, what prevents maximum inflow of vital force energy and how you can restore your energies to their perfect origin, where you get maximum access to your vital force. After a reading, I coach you on how you can do to attract more positive things into your life. This is not at all complicated, but you need to be prepared to work on new paradigms to achieve a shift on subconscious level.

I also provide study groups and book circles on different subjects on Zoom (mainly in Swedish), penetrating different esoteric questions related to quantum physics, to spirituality and self-development.

Another area of ​​work is healing. For the time being, I offer individual spiritual distance healing and train on the more powerful form of trans healing.

Within the framework of the three-year spiritual medium training I attend, I also offer practice private sittings in Swedish and contact with souls who have passed on to the other side.

Body and movement are also an important starting point for efficient energy work. My background in dance gives me the opportunity to occasionally inspire through dance-inspired core training.

My goal is that all my clients will succeed in maximizing their consciousness and create a life in abundance.

My Education


  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner (Advanced level)

  • Integrative psychology and psychosynthesis - basic year (Humanova's  "Become who you are").

  • Certified Forest Bathing Guide (Swedish Nature and Forest Therapy Institute)

  • Develop your Medial Abilities (Camilla Brolin's six-month-training)

  • Courses in spiritual healing (Elfving Institute and Seven Stars Center)

  • Redesigning your Destiny (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

  • Wellness Guide (Utemaningen)

On-going Educations

  • Spiritual Medium Education (three-year Seven Stars Center)

  • Vocational training (one-year Humanova) to become an ICF-accredited coach.

  • The Power of Eight - Masterclass 2021 (one-year international training in collective intention setting under the leadership of Lynne McTaggart, science journalist and author of, among other things, the bestseller "The Field")

     and educations in my previous life:

  • Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Law

  • Poppius’ professional Press Course in Journalism

  • Vocational Dance trainings (Preparatory vocational course at the Ballet Academy of Stockholm and one-year of vocational training at Kulturama, Stockholm.)

Maximize your conciousness and
create a life in abundance!

Mobilephone:+46 /70)299 33 31
E-Mail: ulrika@akashainspiratoren.se