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Soul Realignment readings, Coaching, Forest Bathing Walks, Study Groups - Book Circles, Healing, Meditations and Private Sittings
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Welcome to Your new Life

Let me help you to explore your energetic potentials and find inner peace and joy!

My services

Forest bathing walks

Relax in the nature and experience it with all your senses and be guided to peace by a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. Guidings in Swedish.

Soul Realignment Readings

Become conscious about your unique soul potential, the negative choices you keep on repeating and clear your unnecessary blocks and restrictions.

Study groups and Book circles

Read and discuss on Zoom! We read and learn about paranormal experiences, the conscious mind and spirituality and discuss different themes taking modern quantum physics theories and research as a point of departure.


Train to listen to your inner voice and get access to your wisdom. Akashainspiratören guides you on your inner Journey: frequent meetings on Zoom and meditation recordings accessible. (Swedish)


Be healed and stabalize your imbalances. Akashainspiratören uses trance healing for the resolvement of energy blocks physically, psychologically and spiritually.


Invite the spirit world to nominate a soul who has passed on to the other side, who will give you a message you need to hear. My intention is to provide you with a  clear evidence of a life beyond death.

Explore your energies together with Akashainspiratören

Akashainspiratören provides a venue for people with interest in modern theories about human consciousness and offers different tools for your individual and inter-personal growth as well as for our collective growth as a human society actively utilizing the potentials of our consciousness.

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Maximize your conciousness and
create a life in abundance!

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